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Wardrobe Planning
Professional Custom Suit Set

Two AcuMeasure Fit" Suits: a $2,790 value.. $2,190*

Delivery: Amazingly in only two weeks.

Bill Walker Clothier has teamed up with Giorgeo Carreli, the innovator and world class leader in custom fit clothing, to bring you a very fine collection of suits, blazers and tuxedos that meet today's needs for the discerning man.

If you like - do your own styling, choice of Side Vents, Center Vent or No Vent.
Shoulders may be Sartorial, Natural Shoulder or Semi-Natural.
Trouser choices include Pleated (reverse or forward) or Flat Front.
“Customized AccuMeasure Fit” tailors the garment to your exact measurements.

The benefits to you:

  • Value priced high quality clothing.
  • AccuMeasure Custom Fit Technology providing you with personalized garments to fit your individual measurements.
  • Delivery within two weeks.
  • Super lOO's quality fabrics of classic styling.
  • Flexibility in styling details.
  • Only $100 additional for any tuxedo substituted for a suit.
  • Easy re-orders... your exact measurements and pattern will always be on file.


Giorgeo Carreli: The Professional Wardrobe Set

      Tailored in America

3 Made-to-Measure Suits and 3 Custom-Measured and Styled Shirts
$5,650 value…………… $3,950*

Only the highest quality fabrications personally styled by you and Custom-Tailored as Made-to-Measure. This wardrobe collection includes three Made-to-Measure Suits (or substitute a Coat & Trouser for a suit of similar value). Styled and designed exclusively by Bill Walker Clothier.

Our professionals will help you style and personalize the design features with the benefit of an exceptional fit. "Your unique fit" will be custom-measured for size, shape and posture. Additionally, you may select three custom-made dress or casual shirts.

  • 3 Made-to-Measure Suits
  • 3 Custom-Styled and Measured Shirts


B.T. Fitzgerald: The Career Wardrobe Set

Customized Fit - a $3,540 value……………….$2,300*

Your personally styled and individually tailored wardrobe collection of three Customized Suits or substitute a Coat and Trousers for one Suit. This addition to your wardrobe allows a personalized style with your choice of design features and an exceptional fit. You will be custom measured for size and posture.
This Wardrobe Set includes your selection of three custom-made dress or casual shirts.

  • 3 Customized Fit Suits
  • 3 Custom-Styled and Measured Shirts

*10% extra for size 50 and larger

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