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Professional Custom Suit Set

Two AcuMeasure Fit" Suits: a $2,790 value.. $2,190*
Delivery: Amazingly in only two weeks.

Bill Walker Clothier has teamed up with Giorgeo Carreli, the innovator and world class leader in custom fit clothing, to bring you a very fine collection of suits, blazers and tuxedos that meet today's needs for the discerning man.
If you like - do your own styling, choice of Side Vents,
Center Vent or No Vent.
Shoulders may be Sartorial, Natural Shoulder or Semi-Natural.
Trouser choices include Pleated (reverse or forward) or Flat Front.
“Customized AccuMeasure Fit” tailors the garment to your exact measurements.

The benefits to you:

  • Value priced high quality clothing
  • AccuMeasure Custom Fit Technology providing you with personalized garments to fit your individual measurements
  • Delivery within two weeks
  • Super lOO's quality fabrics of classic styling
  • Flexibility in styling details
  • Only $100 additional for any tuxedo substituted for a suit
  • Easy re-orders... your exact measurements and pattern will always be on file
  • AcuMeasure Suit
  • AcuMeasure Suit
Giorgeo Carreli: The Professional Wardrobe Set

3 Made-to-Measure Suits and 3 Custom-Styled and Measured Shirts $4,950 value……………….$3,450*
Only the highest quality men's clothing personally styled by you and custom made-to-measure. This wardrobe collection includes three Made-to-Measure Suits (or substitute a Coat & Trouser for a suit of similar value). Our professionals will help you style and personalize the design features with the benefit of an exceptional fit. Your fit will be custom-measured for size, shape and posture. Additionally, you may select three custom-made dress or casual shirts.

  • 3 Made-to-Measure Suits
  • 3 Custom-Styled and Measured Shirts
  • Giorgeo Carreli Suit
  • Giorgeo Carreli Suit
B.T. Fitzgerald: The Career Wardrobe Set

B.T. FITZGERALD Customized Fit - a $3,540 value……………….$2,300*
Your personally styled and individually tailored wardrobe collection of three Customized Suits or substitute a Coat and Trousers for one Suit. This addition to your wardrobe allows a personalized style with your choice of design features and an exceptional fit. You will be custom measured for size and posture. This Wardrobe Set includes your selection of three custom-made dress or casual shirts.

  • 3 Customized Fit Suits
  • 3 Custom-Styled and Measured Shirts
  • BT Fitzgerald Suit
  • BT Fitzgerald Suit

You'll find every men's wardrobe need
from the most casual to the most formal.
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