Preferred Events

Don't miss these important events for our Preferred Customers: You!
Fall Special Events
Dates Event
September 7th - 14th Jack Victor Modern Expressions
September 15th - 22nd Giorgeo Carreli Studio Finest of Italian Fabrications
September 20th - 26th Hickey Freeman America's Temple of Fine Tailoring ⋄ Scott Garris in store on Sept 20!
September 27th - Oct 4th Southwick ⋄ Authentic American Style
October 4th - 10th John Cooper ~ Savile Row International Sophistication
October 11th - 17th Peter Millar The Leader in Styling of Clothing & Sportswear
October 18th - 24th H. Freeman Timeless American Classics
October 20th - 27th Giorgeo Carreli Modern & Timely Creating an Aura of Envy
October 25th - 31st Robert Talbott Styled for Gentlemen of Distinction

“Preferred Events are about relationships; the social aspect and getting that special one-on-one experience”