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Welcoming Samuelsohn to Houston. #MadeToMeasure #DressWell

October Dates Designer Event
Oct 1st - Oct 10th Jack Victor Sweeping thru America ♦ $200 savings on a suit | $150 savings on a Sport Coat | $50 off pants
Oct 8th - Oct 17th Coppley & Giorgeo Carreli Tonights the Night Event ♦ Save $200 on a suit | Save $150 on a Sport Coat | Save $50 on pants
Oct 22nd - Oct 29th Hickey Freeman 2020 Stronger Than Strong ♦ Save $250 on a suit | Save $200 on a Sport Coat | Save $50 on pants
Oct 22nd - Nov 1st Holiday Shopping Card Shop Local. Save Money. Save Lives ♦ Receive up to a 20% discount on regular price products, 100% of the proceeds benefit the American Cancer Society to aid in the quest to free the world from cancer.
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“Preferred Events are about relationships; the social aspect and getting that special one-on-one experience”