We're here to help you make this a very Special and Merry Christmas. Please stop in.

Bill Walker

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Dear Santa:

I’ve been a good boy all year – got out of stocks at a profitable time and am doing great in bonds. I have picked out a gift for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

Everything I want is at the Bill Walker Clothier store in Uptown Park.

  1. Robert Talbott Best of Class ties
  2. Southwick navy blazer
  3. St. Croix light-weight merino sweater
  4. Custom-made dress shirts
  5. Montbatten fine cashmere topcoat
  6. Bill Walker Signature Cologne
  7. Ike Behar sport shirt
  8. John Cooper Super 100's doeskin tuxedo
  9. Peter Millar Sportswear
  10. Giorgeo Carreli tropical wool suit
  11. Southern Tide sport shirt
  12. Bill Walker Clothier gift certificate

You'll find Santa's helpers at Bill Walker Clothier. Bill, Betty, Shelley, Bryan, Philip or Sarah will make it easy for you to select exactly the right items. I'll leave cookies on the mantel along with some bond recommendations. Thanks in advance for making me the happiest CEO on my block.

Best regards till next year.

Bill Walker

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