Bill Walker's Clothing Designers

Iconic Mens Clothing Designers:
Castangia Handmade Bespoke

We search globally to find the best men's clothing and their designers. Always keeping the pulse of men's fashion world-wide & visiting the Designers & Fashion Trade Shows to see the new clothing first-hand. Why would we do anything short of that... outstanding fabrics come from London and many cutting edge designers call Europe home. American designers stay on our radar too, vigilent for the next great look and luxury clothing innovation. Sit by us on a plane, we guarantee a great conversation. Or stop by our store and have that one-to-one conversation.

Featured Designers
  • Castangia Handmade Bespoke
  • Heritage Gold
  • Peter Millar Tailored
  • Peter Millar Sportswear
  • Coppley
  • Giorgeo Carreli • Exclusive
  • Samuelsohn
  • Jack Victor

  • Ballin
  • Scabal
  • Loro Piana

  • Tommy Bahama
  • 34 Heritage Jeans
  • AG Jeans
  • Turtleson
  • Johnnie-O
  • Southern Point
  • In-house Tailoring & Alterations
  • Polo Ralph Lauren
  • BRAX Pants
  • PennBilt Khakis

  • HAGEN of Carmel
  • Emanuel Berg
  • Stenstroms of Sweden
  • Arnau of Barcelona
  • Scott Barber
  • David Donahue
  • Pantherella
  • LEN Lifestyle Belts
  • Martin Dingman Belts & Shoes
  • Royal Highnies Luxury Boxers
  • SAXX Sport Underwear
  • Megan Spivey Estate Jewelry
  • Geo. F Trumper's of London
  • Royal Lyme cologne products
  • Tailored Clothing

• Scabal and Loro Piana specialty fabrics offered throughout the above listings.
• We also offer Cut, Make and Trim program in any fabric of your choice, purchased direct from our mills.
• Luxury fabrics offered in super 160s, 170s, and 180s