• Custom Clothes

Custom Suit = Power Suit = Personal Preferences. Easy to do the math.

Custom Tailoring: Made to Measure Suits

• Custom Made Coats from $1,295 & Suits from $1,695

Founded in 1899, Hickey-Freeman has always been devoted to keeping the quality high. This American company tailors some of the finest suits and sportswear you will find in a store like Bill Walker Clothier. Please stop by and let us show you the extensive selection of fabrics and the tailoring details that will make your Hickey-Freeman wardrobe exclusively yours.
Hickey Freeman Suit

Samuelsohn - Designed to Outperform

• Luxuriously Progressive Suits are hand-tailored with two principles in mind: PASSION AND PERFORMANCE

Progress & Luxury are inexorably intertwined. Powered by our passion, exclusive, leading-edge fabrics, hand-tailored production and sytlish design;
We elevate the man to his highest potential.

Jack Victor
• Jack Victor Suits starting at $1095 Sportcoats $750

As Jack Victor enters it second century, there collections continue to offer sophisticated high-quality menswear from the finest materials available. Elegant silhouettes with exquisite details create a modern aesthetic while staying true to our values of traditional craftsmanship. They take pride in reminding men of the pleasure of wearing fine clothing.
Jack Victor

Giorgeo Carreli
• Giorgeo Carreli suits starting at $1,495 Sportcoats at $1,095

Bill Walker Clothier's own Giorgeo Carreli label has been creating outstanding tailored pieces for his discerning male clientele for over 20 years. An innovator and world-class leader in custom fit clothing, he continues to draw inspiration from a heritage of distinctive International style and meticulous workmanship with the finest fabrications from Great Britain and Italy. Bill Walker's exclusive Giorgeo Carreli line has created an unmistakably modern form of design and luxury.
Giorgeo Carreli mens clothing

Artisan Craftmanship
At the heart of our success is traditional artisan craftmanship.
Traditional in-house tailoring; we could not do custom clothing correctly without these skills.
hand alterations & in-house tailoring

• Holland and Sherry, Scabal and Loro Piana specialty fabrics offered throughout the above listings.
• We also offer Cut, Make and Trim program in any fabric of your choice purchased direct from our mills.
• Luxury fabrics offered in super 160s, 170s and 180s